Why You Should Choose Projector Paint Over Projector Screens

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Thinking of adding a projection surface to your office or classroom? Maybe you plan to upgrade your current projector screens with newer models.

Why not opt for Projector Paint instead?

Projector Paint is a great alternative to traditional projector screens and can be a really beneficial addition to your workspace or learning environment.

Find out exactly why you should choose Projector Paint over projector screens below.

Projector Paint Is Lower Cost

It can be really expensive buying projector screens, but creating your projection surface doesn’t have to be.

Projector Paint is a  low cost product. This means you won’t need to worry about breaking your budget when creating your very own projection wall, no matter how big it is.

But You Don’t Sacrifice On Quality

Even though Projector Paints cost significantly less than traditional Projector Screens, they still provide you a high quality projection surface.

Your images and powerpoints will be clearly projected directly onto your wall.

No Size Limitations Like With Traditional Projector Screens

Projector Screens usually don’t come in a lot of size options. But what if you want to project onto a bigger or smaller area than they allow.

Then try Smart Projector Paint. Since you are painting directly onto your wall you can cover as much, or a little room as you want.

Then when you aren’t using it your projector wall will just look like a regular wall.

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No Hot Spotting

One of the main complaints we’ve heard from customers, about projector screens, is hotspotting.

A Hotspot is a bright spot that can appear on your projection screen when you are projecting an image. This can make it difficult for everyone in the room to get a clear view of the image.

Projector Paint, unlike most projector screens, does not hotspot. This means no matter where someone is sitting in the room they will see a completely clear image being projected onto the wall.

It’s Always Ready to Use

Projector Paint is matt white so easily blends into white walls. (If your surface colour is not white, use border tape or paint a border around your projector paint to showcase the projector area.)

So whether you are using your projector screen wall for work, games or movies, get peace of mind knowing its always there and always on, even when not in use.

Our Projection Range Is Expanding

Next month we’re adding TWO new projection products to our range. You’ll have more choice than ever to create your projection surface.

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