Projector Paint vs. Projector Screens

Projector Paint vs. Projector Screens - Smarter Surfaces

Projector Paint or Screens? Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

In today’s post we have provided a comparison of traditional projector screens with Smart Projector Paint in terms of sizing, application, appearance and cost, to allow you to make an educated decision when creating your projector surface.


  • A Projector Screen: The largest projector screen currently available is 525 cm in height and 700 cm in width.
  • Smart Projector Paint: The paint can cover a wall of any size. This means that the options for your projection surface are unlimited.


  • Projection Screens: It is often necessary to hire a professional to install your screen, as the mounting process involves several steps and can be difficult and time consuming for people who have never tried it before.
  • Smart Projector Paint: This paint can be applied by anyone. All you have to do is apply two coats of the paint to a primed surface and then wait for it to dry. Not only is this an easier solution, but it is also more cost-effective. We have easy DIY application-guides and video on all our projection products. Which will give you installation understanding how to apply our product without any hassle.


  • Projector Screens: Can be bulky and unsightly and are usually surrounded by heavy border frames and metal mounts. Although there are some retractable screens available, these are generally expensive to install and usually involve drilling within your ceiling.
  • Smart Projector Paint: Allows you to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high-performance projector screen. It does not involve any drilling and is indistinguishable when not in use as it looks just like a standard white wall paint, meaning it will not detract from the aesthetic of the room.

Projector Screen Paints by Smarter surfaces

Projector screen paint offers versatility, ease of application, and cost-effectiveness, while projector screens provide superior quality, customization options, and a dedicated projection experience. The choice between projector paint and projector screens ultimately depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences for your projection setup.

We have multiple projection solutions, each for different uses. We offer white projections, black-gray colored projection paints, special purpose projection paints, and projection wallpapers.

If you are looking for an efficient product surface, we can help you choose the best product for you. Call us for a video free consultation.