Which Smarter Surfaces Products Can You Install Yourself? (Part 2)

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This is the second in our series of which of our products can you install yourself rather than employing a professional.

Part 1 detailed whiteboard paint and blackboard paint. Let’s continue by looking at other functional paints that anyone can apply :

Install Magnetic Paint Yourself

If you want a magnetically receptive wall, choose Smart Magnetic Paint.  This is a 3 coat product, but you can paint up to 6 coats for maximum magnetic strength. Watch our video (1.11 mins) to see what the number of A4 pages each coat can hold.

Our two available sizes will cover an area the size of 3m2 / 10 sq. ft. or 10m2 / 33 sq ft. Measure the area you want to transform into a magnetic surface and choose from our two sizes for best amount for you.

This paint contains 50% magnetite to give it its magnetic properties. Stir well upon opening.

Due to its magnetite properties, the colour of this paint is grey. You can leave it grey or you consider any of these options for a topcoat :

  • Paint over in a colour of your choice
  • Install a (thin) wallcovering on top
  • Install a (thin) digital print on top
  • Paint our whiteboard paint on top to get a surface that is writable as well as magnetic.

Note use neodymium magnets only. Fridge magnets are not suitable for use with this paint.

Read more information here.


Install Projector Screen Paint Yourself

Instead of a physical projector screen which takes up space and may take time to prepare for use, consider painting a screen instead with Smart Projector Paint.

This is a two coat product.  It is water-based and offers high opacity to facilitate the projection of bright, sharp images in high definition.Use with all projectors, at work or school or home.

Read more here.

Environmentally Friendly

All of our paints are low VOC and are safe to paint around people. Keep windows open for ventilation and follow other safety instruction on each paint label.

Visit smartersurfaces.co.uk for product details FAQs, step by step application guides and full safety and environmental information.

Which Paint Will You Choose ?

So whether you want to paint a projector screen wall or a whiteboard area or a writable and magnetic surface, hopefully you can see just how easy it is. We ship all over the world so pick a project and get started!

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below:

US:   1800 932 1609    UK: 0203 5145395

IE: 01 4126200            CA: 1800 948 9438

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