We Have A Whiteboard Product For Everybody

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Not sure which whiteboard product is the right one for you? Well, we have a dry erase solution for everyone. Paints or wallpapers, there is plenty to choose from.

Need a writable surface in a hurry? Want one in any colour you choose? No problem.

Keep reading below and find the perfect whiteboard product for you.

Why White Dry Erase Paint White Is The Whiteboard Product For You

This is a one coat dry erase paint that can transform any smooth surface into a writable area.

Limited by tiny, old fashioned whiteboards? Don’t worry, your whiteboard wall can be whatever size or shape you choose with our specialist coating.

It’s award winning, low VOC and low odour. This whiteboard paint product can even improve your building LEED score (learn more on that here).

This is all before you even start to use your new whiteboard surface.

Why Clear Dry Erase Paint Clear Should Be The Whiteboard Product For You

Whiteboard Paint in Clear has all the benefits of the white version with one additional option. You can paint it over any colour you choose.

That means you can have a writable blue wall, a green one, or red. Whatever colour you like.

Have a digital print or a wall covered in wallpaper? Topcoat them in Whiteboard Paint Clear and they can be writable as well.

You don’t just have to stick to walls either. Create writable desks, cupboards and doors all with one whiteboard product.

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Why Dry Erase Wallpaper Should Be The Whiteboard Product For You

Maybe paint isn’t for you, so how about wallpaper?

Transform your office walls into an area for collaboration which can be any size you wish.

One of the best parts about writable wallpaper is that it is incredibly quick to install and can be used in just 24 hours.

Use any quality whiteboard markers and cleaners with our modern range of products for whiteboard surfaces.

Put your whiteboard surface up one day and use it the next.

So, now you’ve read about each whiteboard product, it’s time to try one for yourself.
Learn more about writable products here.

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